my husband makes me feel worthless
my husband only talks about himself
my husband hates cats
my husband embarrasses me
my husband just left me

is my husband in heaven
what is my husband up to
what should my husband eat to conceive a girl
is my husband my legal guardian
my husband likes me pregnant

why does my husband have no friends
why does my husband need so much attention
why does my husband repeat himself
my husband jerks in his sleep
why won’t my husband open up to me

how can I get my husband deported
how can I get my husband excited
my husband refuses to work
how can I show my husband respect
how can I get my husband to understand my depression

is my husband right for me
what is my husband doing online
why won’t my husband defend me
who is my cousin’s husband to me
who is my husband going to be in the future

poem from my lover’s (slash/yes my husband’s) new chapbook. he is giving away free copies. ask him for one/read more poems here.

20 notes - 12 February, 2013

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