bmichael: What's your favorite Tori Amos song and why? Also - last year Tori Amos came out with an album that was, in my opinion, poor in comparison with Idler Wheel. Little Earthquakes was high on the list of Pitchfork's top 90s albums until it got retconn'd out.

I didn’t like that Tori Amos album either (and sadly I didn’t expect to…) but I also didn’t like The Idler Wheel. I really wanted to like it and I kept asking myself what I was missing… but it just did not stick for me.

Favorite Tori song: Woke up this morning with Silent All These Years stuck in my head. I’d say its a toss-up between that and Crucify and God and Precious Things. Although Cornflake Girl is partly responsible for my name. (Where’d ya put the keys, girrrrrl?) Spark is amazing too and Iiee. Actually maybe Iiee is my favorite. It makes me all melty. Going with that.

So I guess I like the ones about religion. (I grew up in the bible belt, small town, more churches than bars.) And the ones about loss. I mean what I like about Tori is that her songs (her “girls”) take on these huge, sprawling issues where it can be about religion but then its also about what religion and culture takes away from women and about the US in general and about something specific in your life/her life. Plus she is a story-teller.

Favorite Tori lyric: “So you can make me cum that doesn’t make you Jesus.”