Its only called ‘oversharing’ if you are a Woman. Version One.

Kate: there are so many pieces i want to write in general that i can’t, like it’s crossing a line to even talk about pooping we can be like “i am lying on the floor having a breakdown” but we can’t be like “wow, that poop was really satisfying” in a way, everything we women write is still kind of sexy

Rachel: I was just thinking about writing about this.

Or what I was thinking was, I don’t have a problem having ‘bowel movements’ around my romantic partner anymore at this point. We’ve been together for five years. We live in a tiny apartment. 

But like… somehow I always get the urge to ‘go’ right when he says he is leaving. So it seems polite to just wait until he is gone…. Small apartment and all. 

But then he is taking forever to pack his bag and looking for things around the house and talking to me about some TV show. And I’m standing there trying to smile, going ‘okay okay!”

And then I start to be like ‘hey aren’t you going?’

And then we bicker and his face gets sad. But wouldn’t it be so trivial to say, “Look I am not kissing you goodbye properly because I have to poop.”

Kate: YES 

Kate: sometimes i just give up and go poop

Rachel: I KNOW same

Kate: i’m like, “fuck it,” in this bitter headvoice, “he can just deal with it, since he’s taking so goddamn long”

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