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more vagina dreams
Entering a vagina: the dreamer will die.
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Celebrity FanFic Series

* Lindsay Lohan is avoiding James Franco after an Awkward Threesome at the Chateau Marmont 

* Jennifer Aniston is Crying on this Very Nice Dinner Date

* Winona Ryder gets drunk and Facebook chats her ex, Connor O’Berst

* Jake Gyllenhall’s Seemingly Uncontrollable Esoteric Thoughts During Sex

* Nicki Minaj has Lunch with the Friend that somehow always makes her feel Sexually Conservative

* Angelina meets Brad’s parents for the First Time, even though they’ve been together for Five Years.

* Courtney Stodden just wants Doug to hold her/go away and not touch her!

* Kanye and Kim’s Never-Leaving-The-Bed phase of Early Dating

* Taylor Swift makes mental note of Seemingly Mundane things that Turn her On. 

* Zooey Deshanel can’t decide what to think about while Masturbating

I just found these ideas for a ‘celebrity fan fiction’ series in one of my old moleskins… Now who is going to pay me to write them?

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Accurate Timeline

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