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"It would take a denial of all cultural tradition for a woman to produce even a true ‘female’ art. For a woman who participates in (male) culture must achieve and be rated by standards of a tradition she had no part in making - and certainly there is no room in that tradition for a female view, even if she could discover what it was. In those cases where a woman, tired of losing at a male game, has attempted to participate in culture in a female way, she has been put down and misunderstood, named by the (male) cultural establishment ‘Lady Artist’, ie: trivial, inferior. And even where it must be (grudgingly) admitted she is ‘good’, it is fashionable - a cheap way to indicate one’s own ‘seriousness’ and refinement of taste- to insinuate that she is good but irrelevant.” — Shulamith Firestone, The Dialectic of Sex 

I was surprised that I couldn’t find this quote on Tumblr. Felt a personal duty to add it.

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