I have extra copies of the ‘zine i made for the ‘altars as artforms’ installation… ‘mother’, writing on the concept of mother. give me your address and i’ll send you one for free <3 rachelrabbitwhite@gmail.com
Come to Catland tonight from 7-10 pm for “Altars as Artforms” and get a free copy of my zine, ‘mother’, a piece on the concept of ‘mother’ that contains a peek into my (next?) larger project. Also, if you want the altar I made, make me an offer. I’ll accept money or not-money for it.
1. I don’t remember looking in the mirror as a child but then maybe I avoided it. 
2. In goddess worship there exists the concept of the triple goddess, a deity with three aspects that symbolize life phases as well as the turning seasons and cycles of the moon. The Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. The triple goddess can be further defined, each aspect having a Light and Shadow side. Mother of Darkness, Mother of Light.
3. Some goddesses possess all three life stages at once, able to age from Maiden to Crone and back again in seconds but when I’ve looked for imagery of triple goddesses they are always presented in the Maiden form.
4. The mirror’s angularity didn’t hold much power until I was a young woman.  In middle school my cousin Jennifer’s mom would pick us up in her van and Jennifer would sit in the enviable front seat. Jennifer would pull down the sun visor and slide open its mirrored compartment and keep it that way for the whole ride home.
5. I am harsh and birdlike or else bland with an extra chin. I am staring and unable to see my face properly, seeing myself as someone else or focusing on a few clusters of features until they are all I can see. My mom has told me about looking in the mirror and being shocked, remembering she is no longer young. I look and I think, what does this image have to do with me?
6. I am making an altar to the MOTHER aspect of the triple goddess. I am placing things on this altar, a prayer about the transition from MAIDEN to MOTHER— MOTHER as a metaphor, a performance. MOTHER the creator.

What a feminine syntax might be is not simple nor easy to state, because in that would no longer be either subject or object, “oneness” no longer be privileged, there would no longer be proper meanings, proper names, “proper” attributes… Instead, “syntax” would involve nearness, proximity, but in such an extreme form that it would preclude any distinction of identities, any establishment of ownership, thus any form of appropriation.

I think the place where it could best be deciphered is in the gestural code of women’s bodies. But, since their gestures are often paralyzed, or part of the masquerade, in effect, they are often difficult to “read.” Except for what resists or subsists “beyond.” In suffering, but also in women’s laughter. And again: in what they “dare” - do or say - when they are among themselves.

… I could not, I cannot install myself just like that, serenely and directly, in that [masculine] syntactic functioning - and I do not see how any woman could.

Luce Irigaray, This Sex Which Is Not One (Cornell University Press, 1985), p134-5 (via radtransfem)

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Today, take out your spell for me,
Today, take away your spell for me.
Away from me you have taken it,
Far off from me it is taken,
Far off you have done it.

Happily I recover,
Happily I become cool,
My eyes regain their power,
my head cools,
my limbs regain their strength,
I hear again.
Happily for me the spell is taken off,
Happily I walk; impervious to pain,
I walk; light within, I walk; joyous,
I walk. 

excerpt from a Navajo night chant http://score.rims.k12.ca.us/score_lessons/treaty_greenville/pages/night_chant.html

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That devastating rejection is absolutely inevitable. If you are serious and men realize it they will cease being attracted to you.

If you don’t play the game, the role, you are not a woman and they will NOT be attracted. You will be sexless and worse, unnatural and threatening.

You will be feared and despised and viciously maligned, all by men you know perfectly well you could charm utterly and wrap around your finger just by falling into the female role, even by men who have worshipped you in the past.

How is that possible? Obviously, because they never were worshipping you. That’s the bitter truth, and you’d better catch on now.


Dara Densmore, On Celibacy

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"You have to be prepared, then, to be not just unattractive but actually sexually repulsive to most men, perhaps including all the men you currently admire."
Dara Densmore, On Celibacy (via radtransfem)

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